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In 1989 I was stationed at Ft. Stewart, GA with the Army. We had a pretty large craft shop on post who put out a monthly flier that had a knife class listed in it. I took the class and continued to work at making knives after the class was over. About 9 months later I was sent to Desert Storm and returned in April of 1990 at which time I E.T.S.’d from the Army and joined my wife and three step children in Panama City, FL. There I found Tom Watson and was taught flat grinding and with Tom’s help developed a skinning knife design for my brother-in-law. I moved from there to Wagener, SC where I met Wayne Hendrix at a gun and knife show, and asked him how I could meet George Herron. When I told him where I lived he told me I only lived about 15 miles from him and his phone number was in my phone book. I called George the next week and visited his shop where he immediately started to give me tips on my knife making. I visited George several times a month for the next year after which time I needed a couple of lock back folder blades heat treated in a hurry. I asked George about it and he said “you need to talk to the caveman ladd” at which time I met Geno Denning. I have worked with Geno from that time and between him and George my quality of work has greatly improved. Many times I thought I had produced a great knife only to have Geno turn it in the light and point out several things that most people could only see with a magnifying glass. I took a second place in the hunter competition at the Blade Show in Atlanta in 2008. I took second place to my mentor and friend Geno in the George Herron award competition at the Blade Show in 2009.